New EP “W E” released !

It has been a long time since I released my first EP (almost 2 years).

I am still alive and to continue in the series of “What-happen-in-my-life”, here is a new EP called “W E” which I composed for my wedding.
The 3 tracks of this EP have been used for the wedding entrance.

You can download it on BandCamp and it will be available soon on other platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, …).

I have at least 3 new EP / albums that I have to record and that will be released soon.

I hope you will enjoy this new EP.

Preview of “On The Same Road”

A raw recording of a preview of a track called “On the same road” for my next album “From home”.

I am still making tests with the sound for this new album. The sound I used for “Birth, Life and Death” was in the mood of the EP, quiet and soft.

Here I want something more “raw” as I want to be able to reproduce the energy or the dynamics in the new music I have composed.

So in case you have any comments on this sound, do not hesitate to send a comment on Twitter or via mail

New album “This Is For Our Sins” from Lowercase Noises

Last week, “This is For Our Sins”, the new album of Andy Othling (Lowercase Noises) was released.

For the event, Andy has organized an event on YouTube to stream his album.

All the songs were played and each time, Andy gave an explanation on the story about the songs and what inspired him.

Andy teased his album quite a lot since a couple of months, releasing some tracks and I was waiting impatiently this album and I was not disappointed.

His album “follows the story of the Lykov family, who lived isolated in the Russian wilderness for over 40 years before their discovery by geologists in 1978.

Agafia, born in the wilderness in 1943, is the last remaining member of the family. She continues to live in the harsh Siberian landscape to this day.”

It is a really beautiful album and a surprising evolution of the music of Andy.

A lot of emotion and surprise. That is why we love music.

So you must listen to it !

Yearmix on Mixcloud

Nils Feldhus included J in his “Yearmix”, one of 50 hand-picked tracks released last year and that Nils favorited.

This mix contains more than 5 hour of ambient and modern classical including one of my favorite track of last year “Says” from Nils Frahm.

So, sit on your comfortable couch, close your eyes and listen to this excellent mix.

2013 in music

2013 was really great year musically speaking.
New releases from artists I already knew, discoveries and really great surprises.

Amongst all these new albums, I was really impressed by the first album “In Passing” of Steve Gibbs. I have listened to it on loops for days and I only stopped when Nils Frahm released “Spaces”, the best live album I have bought for a long time.

“Glass Slopes” from Sophie Kazandjian had also trusted my player for a long time. I do not read a lot of activities about her and her Twitter and SoundCloud accounts are a little bit dormant but I really hope she will release something new soon.

Another great pianist discovered this year is Mario Viñuela. If you like Ludovico Einaudi and Fabrizio Paterlini, you will like Mario. And follow him on Twitter, he seems to be really a great guy.

I did not know Rachel Grimes until I see her playing in February at Piano Anders in Belgium with Fabrizio Paterlini. I found her music very dramatic in the good sense and her play is very precise.

Madoka was also a good surprise with her mix of contemporary piano with Japanese instruments.

I also bought the album “The summer” by John Anealio. I follow John on Twitter for a long time and he once tweeted a link to his “Ferris Wheel” song. I love theme parks, I love summer and his melody was so light and full of joy that you should love it.

In my list you will also see a lot of new albums from artist I already knew like Lyndsie Alguire, Fabrizio Paterlini, Jim Guthrie, Steve Lawson, Gustaf Fjelstrom, Drops, Jack Stow, Nils Frahm, Ott, Catherine Marie Charlton, Lowercase Noises and Ludovico Einaudi.

So a really good year !

2013 list

Glass Slopes by Sophie Kazandjian

Loretto by Rachel Grimes

Compound Leaves by Rachel Grimes

Character by Julia Kent

Halo – Late Winter Tales by Halo

Blake by Lowercase Noises

In Passing by Steve Gibbs

The Summer E.P. by Jon Anealio

I met you in the forest by Madoka

Now by Fabrizio Paterlini

Sword & Sworcery LP – The Ballad of the Space Babies by Jim Guthrie

Corporeal by Jim Guthrie

FingerPainting by Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman

Accidentally (On Purpose) by Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman

After Image by Lyndsie Alguire

The Fault (EP) by Gustaf Fjelstrom

A Moment Alone by Madeleine Hanover

Silence n°1 by Maxime Fillion

Umber / Drops by Drops

Juno Reworked by Nils Frahm
For once, not on BandCamp but on the Erased Tapes site.

Spaces by Nils Frahm
Best live album I have heard for a long time.

Shadowman by Jack Stow
You can listen to it or buy it on Google Play

Live in the studio by Ott

Hishiryo Piano Solo by Nik Bärtsch

River Flow – Sanctuary by Catherine Marie Charlton

Cyclo by Zazie
A French artist, but I will always buy blindly her album.

Havoc and Bright Lights by Alanis Morissette
Always good to have a new album from Alanis Morissette

In a Time Lapse by Ludovico Einaudi
As always, a very good mix of Piano, synthesizers and chords.