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Michael was born in Namur, Belgium. He is a self taught musician who plays piano and computer music. He began to play at 9 on various instruments ranging from piano, accordion, flute to classical guitar. Music composition has always been a big part of his life. He played electrical guitar in a local group for 5 years and as life goes on and musical interests changed, he began to focus on solo work. At 30, he was becoming clear that keyboards, piano and computers were what he really enjoyed to play and he wrote for the next 10 years solo piano work and electronic music.

In 2012, he created a SoundCloud account and uploaded a few tracks to see if other people might also enjoy his work. In about 10 months, the feedback from the SoundCloud users was overwhelming and he decided to record 6 of songs in his first album “Birth, Life and Death” in 2013. In 2015, he gets married and release an EP with 3 tracks he composed or arranged for his mariage. For 2017, he plans to release a new solo piano album based on all the tracks he composed during the last 10 years.


W.E. (2015)

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Small EP which contains the music I composed for my wedding.

Birth, Life and Death (2012)

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This is my first album, a collection of tracks composed specifically for special occasions.
"Birth in Blue" and "Birth in Brown" were composed for the births of my daughters.
"Come In" was composed for a wedding and played when the bride met the groom at the city hall.
The event for which I have composed "Birthday" is maybe the easiest to guess !
"White on Black" was used first for the same wedding as "Come In" and was also used once for a funeral. Joy and sadness at the same time
A friend from Quebec was diagnosed with cancer and had only 3 months to live. He asked everybody he knows to send him a letter to describe what our friendship means. "J" is what I send him. Better than any word I could have written as I was unable to express my feelings.


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