New album “This Is For Our Sins” from Lowercase Noises

Last week, “This is For Our Sins”, the new album of Andy Othling (Lowercase Noises) was released.

For the event, Andy has organized an event on YouTube to stream his album.

All the songs were played and each time, Andy gave an explanation on the story about the songs and what inspired him.

Andy teased his album quite a lot since a couple of months, releasing some tracks and I was waiting impatiently this album and I was not disappointed.

His album “follows the story of the Lykov family, who lived isolated in the Russian wilderness for over 40 years before their discovery by geologists in 1978.

Agafia, born in the wilderness in 1943, is the last remaining member of the family. She continues to live in the harsh Siberian landscape to this day.”

It is a really beautiful album and a surprising evolution of the music of Andy.

A lot of emotion and surprise. That is why we love music.

So you must listen to it !